Checkered Past Gals Gallery

Seasonal Treasures

Spring is happy and filled with pastels and renewal. Summer is relaxed. Fall is festive and colorful. Winter is cozy. No matter what your favorite season is, we can help you celebrate special occasions throughout the year with holiday and seasonal decor.

Easter Collection

Balancing Act


Golden Girl Rabbit


Prince Charming



Bacon 'n Eggs


Identity Crisis


Bunny Tower

Small Bunny in Can

Bunny In Watering Can

Duck with Bunny Ears


Hoppy Shoe

Bunnies in Easter Cups

Spring Bunny

Time Bunny

Not For Sale

Slept through his alarm


Dapper Bunny

Checkered Bunnies


Cap Bunny

Puddle Bunnies

Cap Bunny

Spring And Summer Collection​

"Save Me" Pig


Beautiful Swan

What did the Fox Say?


Blue Mantle Clock

Wall Clock


Mary Engelbrite Picture


Alice's Tea Party Basket


Look at the Time


Alice Wall Hanging


White Rabbit


Tea Time Clock


Tea With Alice


Bold Rooster

tall Chicken



Rooster Time

Candle Stick


Christmas Decor

Santa and his Boots

Resting Golden Deer


Door Sign Red Bow

Door Sign Green and Red bow

Santa Scooter


Nutcracker Tree



Here Comes Santa Claus

Reindeer Garden Stake

Reindeer Garden Stake

Door Hanger Bells


Deer Ornament

Reindeer on Wagon



Winter In The Dog House


Christmas Countdown Calendar

Believe in Me

Nutcracker Light

Santa Light

Christmas Wish List

Santa's Forest

Snow Angel


Snowman Yarn Tree


Snowman Tree Topper


Quail In A Plaid Tree

Santa's Reindeer

$15 – Each

Silver and Black Yarn Tree


Various Ornaments

Prices Vary

Small Bells

Medium Bells


Truck and Tree


Ballerina Ornament


$3 – Each

Starlight, Star Bright

Mickey Mouse Ornament


Santa Ornament


Doggo Ornament


Cowboy Ornament

Beetle Ornament


Snowman Ornament


Jack and Zero Ornament

Jack and Sally Ornament

Blue Bird Ornament


Spotted Dog Ornament



Reindeer Ornament

Christmas Gnome


Mini Santas

Gone Fishin Ornament

Fall Decor And Halloween​

Illuminated Pumpkin Tower


Trio of Pumpkins

$25 each

Trick or Treat


Room on the Broom


Just Golden


Dotted Ditty




Wood You?


Ghostly Pumpkins

Fall centerpiece


Prince Charming

Princess in Waiting

Polka Dot

Funky Fall Pumpkin


Owl be back

Spooky Spirits

$20 – Candle Jars

$25 – Curiosity Jars

Green Harvest Pumpkins

BOO Pumpkin Topiary

Fall Pumpkin Display

Fall Pumpkin Stand

Searching for Dorothy

Various Pumpkins

Prices Vary

Towering Pumpkins

Fall Centerpiece


Checkered and Patterned Pumpkins

2 pumpkins

$65 – Medium Multi-colored

$25 – Small Pumpkin

Bad Weather

Mini Pumpkin Tower


Gold topped Pumpkin


Check it out

Small Acorns

$7.50 Each



Colorful Gourd


Pineapple or Pumpkin?

Witch way did she go

Witch Weather Vane

Witches Cauldron


Checkered Witch with Pumpkins

Prices Vary

Large Acorns

$15 each

Fall Gnomes

Clock Frame Combo

Spectacle Rabbit


Checkered Pumpkin

Fall jar


"Beautiful handcrafted art pieces with heart and soul. These ladies are the real deal.”

James, Customer

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